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An all-natural, elegant creamy soap. Scented with the romantic, rosy floral aroma of geranium essential oil combined with the aroma of fresh lavender essential oil. ️This soap gets its natural color from rose kaolin clay. It is also topped with a dried rose and sprinkle of gold sparkle - the ideal soap for Valentine's Day or any day!

Organic coconut milk adds a creamy, luxurious feel to the soap while keeping the skin hydrated. It is also packed with nutrients, including potassium, folate, and vitamins C, E, and B.

Shea Butter offers a silky feel texture to the soap and is rich in vitamins A and E, fatty acids, and minerals, increasing the nourishing properties of the soap.

This is a soleseife soap made with filtered seawater. Sea salt is beneficial for the skin, as it helps balance oil production and control bacteria while moisturizing the skin.


Lady Rose


 Olive oil, coconut oil, filtered sea water, sustainably sourced palm oil, sodium hydroxide, organic coconut milk, castor oil, shea butter, essential oils of geranium and lavender, rose kaolin clay, titanium dioxide,  ecoglitter, dried roses

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