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Winter Garden is an all-natural soap boasting its natural color using indigo powder derived from the indigo plant. Natural indigo contains antibacterial properties that can help to clear the skin. Scented with an essential oil blend of herbaceous, sweet florals, and the woody aroma of cedarwood with finishing notes of a fresh, rich, balsamic fragrance reminiscent of pine needles. Topped with dried botanicals.

Organic coconut milk creates a creamy, luxurious bar of soap. It is packed with nutrients, such as potassium, folate, and vitamins C, E, and B, working to keep the skin hydrated.

Kaolin clay gently exfoliates the skin and helps absorb excess oil while adding a silky texture and offering a bubbly lather.

Shea butter works to nourish the skin, rich in conditioning properties.

This is a soleseife soap made with filtered seawater. Sea salt helps balance oil production and control bacteria while moisturizing the skin.


Winter Garden


Olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, filtered sea water, organic coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, shea butter,  essential oils of clary sage, cedarwood and juniper berry, Indigo powder, kaolin clay, dried botanicals


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