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As the weather gets cooler and the skin gets dryer, these snowflake lotion bars will keep your skin moisturized and happy. Each lotion bar comes in an aluminum tin with a spiral twist cap, making it a convenient on-the-go staple. These are scented with an evergreen fragrance and have a pinch of sparkle, perfect for the winter season.

Beeswax naturally conditions the skin and retains moisture, benefiting dry itchy skin. It also keeps skin soft and hydrated and is great for sensitive skin.

Coconut oil is used as a moisturizer and to enhance the way skin looks and feels.

Mango seed butter is rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants, offering additional nourishing properties and another great option for dry skin.

Evergreen Lotion Bar


Beeswax, coconut oil, mango seed butter, fragrance oil, ecoglitter

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